It’s done ! No more mantras…

It has been something special, unprepared and though intense, but in an easy way : everyday, some of them were popping up through reality, sometimes I was looking for them, using anything that came to be shot, and the words to go with it; sometimes it was totally the opposite : I had an idea and was looking for the right shot; sometimes again, at the beginning and more rarely, I wanted to shoot sometimes special, foams, splinters of light, whatever which has been already used but needed some refreshing interpretation in my mind, most of them look a bit 90’s (or worse, 80’s for instance;)).

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all, for your very faithfull concern (lemanshot, littlefears, rosemikeals42, tetiana aleskina, maddie, arshwarya shah, limitless, emotions passion…).

Thanks to you, I experimented the idea the further I could, while I would propably have stopped before if nobody was responding.

I don’t know you, but I know your work and I know you’re generous enough to be interested by the others pieces of work !

So thank you all,

I wish you the best for all your projects.

So now, some rest : in Brancusi style…


I'm writing. Poems. Stories. Songs. And not so boring reviews about movies, actors and, when I get really angry, news. In the blank spaces, I'm teaching. "Littérature". ""Theater"" (double quotation marks, nobody can teach Theater... nobody can teach anything... In a high school. A French one. In Copenhagen. Denmark. Capital city. My biography is still in progress, not that impressive (don´t be shy) and will be updated when required. Next time I'm considering quitting everything for a non-sense relocation project of myself in Louisiana (the American one). Here it is folks. Enjoy reading (and not only me). Sébastien

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