Black Sheep

Black Sheep

I miss you
This is a strange feeling that means nothing
I don’t know you they say
But I miss you
It’s totally out of the blue

I gonna make my ride
And see some landscapes
All of them are just a bit
Behind this behavior of yours

I miss you
This is my game
I will never try to make you understand
And this is you
Throwing dices
And pretending that you don’t care

She’s not here why would I hang out
She is not in the place for me there is no space
To gamble and rum to see what the sun is supposed to bring back
To your place I don’t care

She is not there
She’s in the south
Of France or whatever
And I would teach my mouth
Not to shout on her
Because she is not there
Where I’m supposed to find her

Oh yeah can you scream above the bridge
Can you wrap me in your sheets
Can you kiss me and shine

You’re the mermaid
With some black sheep ocean
Flirting with your shoulder
I am too impatient
The time you get order
I miss you
This is the best I can do

Copenhagen, July 25th 20.

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