A Coffee by the Seine

A Coffee by the Seine

Let’s have a coffee by the Seine
The wind is cool you robe is green
And I can smell your sunny hair

I need to get some confidence
I have to trash a bunch of shames
I need to be with some human
That doesn’t care that doesn’t mind
I’m a bit light in atmosphere
I really need a fearless smile

Can we land once on the same land
Can we go some on the same path
All directions are so busy
I need a bit of harmony

Would you touch the ground with me
I feel a bit of sympathy
Would you struggle with me in life

Let’s have a coffee by the Seine
We gonna laugh we gonna share
A couple of hours in the air

I’m so afraid the gravity
Is crashing us down
All our feelings deserve a crown

A single word can break the distance
A single word can break me to pieces
I’m always full of a scary absence

I feel empty in that desert
I’m like a monkey in a zoo
Trying to fire the alert

Let’s have a coffee in that night
Draw me a line so I won’t fall
We gonna talk until the dawn
I feel tired of being stared

Oh take me home the world is blare
You make it sound like a poem
You make it true
You make it true
Is it not me in love with you

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