Mois : octobre 2020

Sorry (Courtesy)

Sorry (Courtesy) Sorry but I don’t live in this world I know it sounds like a courtesy But I’m not saying so you excuse me I’m far beyond all apologies Spiders on wall are just a game Mine is darker than any angel That felt from the sky I feel ashame cause I am no […]



Undercover I’m from the undercover side of life All I mean is reversible All I mean is dark and light I’m from the hidden side of the park I wanna walk in the fire I can feel from here the appeal of the fall All my life is a play some people have mistaken for […]


A Little Swing

A Little Swing Sometimes it swings So discrete But from the head to my feet I can feel it growing Sometimes it swings Like the leaves in the wind You feel you have no encounter To ever wait for And you feel free Sometimes it swings With the true beating Of harmony A single pulsation […]