Little Breeze

Little Breeze

You wake me up in the morning
When I don’t know either I’m blind
Or if the sun is growing grind
You blow your wind into my nose
When I am still an animal
Keep me floating into your arms
I want to feel I am so light
I’m like a starving man in confectionery
Keep me above any pattern
How to be unreachable
I think I just will never land again
Oh little breeze you know nothing
You keep me deaf into your storm
I’m like a dandy man allergic to silk scarf
I feel that I will never learn
To fly
Little breeze I’m ready to board
I swear I won’t look at the shore
Promise me we’ll never be home
Promise me we’ll never come back
I’m out of sight
I’ll never learn how to fly
Oh little breeze
I am just a burden in your sack
Alice in wonderland is more settled
In those ballerina of her own
I don’t deserve the moarning rain
The dreams that I don’t understand
Stick my poor body to the ground
I’ll never print those memories
There’s no hero in my stories
It’s a blank page trashed to the tin before it’s written
And it’s a play out of my steps
When the curtains are falling down
I’m entering into the night
Like a dancer in a coffin
Don’t let my hands
Waving alone
I have nothing to build today
Little breeze take me on your way
Till the lobsters and the seagulls
Can understand my lonely speech
Take me away I’m out of reach
Take me away
Where you can’t fear any decay
Teach me again how to fly
To reach the beginning of time

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