Nobody knows if you’re wrong or right
When you say the world should be different
To weight your visions you need a time machine
Your ambitions and thoughts trapped in the late 90’s

And you often crash on the wall of your own disillusions
To catch the truth you need a supersonic airplane
To choose the right word to break the sound barrier
It’s taking some time to adjust the chords
When you’re making your speech out of ancient words

People speeches sound muffled to your ears
In the heat of the talking you’re looking for the volume knob
In the heat of a confession you feel close of extinction
All alone on-stage posturing the offended man
Nobody understand and you wait to be applauded
Emotions possess multiple meanings
And the one you give has just outdated
And the one you give has just outdated

You’re not from the 19th century you simply come out of the 90’s
You’re not coming from Le rouge et le noir
If you’re outstanding c’est que ton histoire
Has already been printed
You’re simply outdated
you’re simply out of time
Beyond this line your ticket is no longer valid
But you still wanna make the voyage
You’re taking the train for a no man’s land
Rivage visage paysage loyalty stands in a sunset
No passenger on board to talk at the dinning car
Tu es juste pour toujours en retard

We need a plane we need to break the sound barrier

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