Where Are You In The Heat of Darkness (for a song to come)

Where Are You In The Heat of Darkness (for a song to come)

What did you say when you said that it should be working
I was in my shoe box with nothing to be afraid of
And for now you blow out all my head in the sky
Over the ceiling over the darkness of my side
I don’t know why
I don’t even know you

When you talk it’s for someone else
It’s almost like I am not really there
Where you stand
At the crossroad of darkness
And the sweet melody
Of the huge emptiness

I’m not a monster but I’m dry
I’m not an impostor like they try
To make me look in your eyes
I’m not the closest enemy you could have
In this whole craziness
In the world that will swallow us
And be gone
Before the first kiss
And before the first dance

I climb the ladder and some birds make me fall
Every two steps
And the cats try to hang at my legs
When I want to bring you some star
In a bag of paper or in my straw hat
Through my tears of patience
I won’t move anymore
I won’t breath in a second of time
When you smile like a lake or like a black piece of sky

Where are you when I stand
Where are you when I talk furthermore
Where are you in the heat of darkness
I’m knocking at your door
I’m knocking when you stand no more
Oh yeah… I do
Oh yeah… yes I do…

Copenhagen, July 27th 2020.