Chrysta (complete)

The text is 3 year old and the song is 2 !

Sébastien Pellé

10 people, from different places in the world… most of them usually speak French… but also Danish, Estonian, Russian, Indonesian and… English… they gently accepted to read a text for me… something written for an American singer… they sent the recordings back to me, pretty soon, less than 2 weeks later I had a dozen… from the funniest to the deepest, from the most tragical to the slightest ironical reading, they all had something… by the way, I had the chance to hear some voices I had not heard for almost 20 years… this is the result, you will tell…

Chrysta Bell

She’s from San
Antonio they say it’s in Texas
Maybe it’s a desert it sounds
like a long breath
In a deep silencio with a Mexican thrill
I never was there I know she’s from Texas

A little girl she
grows they say it’s a big town

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