Chrysta (complete)

The text is 3 year old and the song is 2 !

Poésie pour le temps courant / Poetry for Current Times

10 people, from different places in the world… most of them usually speak French… but also Danish, Estonian, Russian, Indonesian and… English… they gently accepted to read a text for me… something written for an American singer… they sent the recordings back to me, pretty soon, less than 2 weeks later I had a dozen… from the funniest to the deepest, from the most tragical to the slightest ironical reading, they all had something… by the way, I had the chance to hear some voices I had not heard for almost 20 years… this is the result, you will tell…

Chrysta Bell

She’s from San
Antonio they say it’s in Texas
Maybe it’s a desert it sounds
like a long breath
In a deep silencio with a Mexican thrill
I never was there I know she’s from Texas

A little girl she
grows they say it’s a big town

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