THE GUY (and no more)

THE GUY (and no more)

I’m usually the guy no one cares about
You always keep the distance but you don’t know why
If it’s you or it’s them that don’t care and fly
Anywhere but as soon you’ve been giving the blue to the whole audience

But they come anyhow and they ring on the phone
They won’t knock at the door cause they don’t even know the address
Oh yeah it’s bubble gum and charity despise won’t they give me a break
Wanna jump on the moon or give me a tunnel
Where I can step backward where I can step back

It’s my bad shouldn’t have talked furthermore
Than the tap oh yeah than the tap my bro’
I should sit on my chair and maybe say nothing
Till the time you care till the time you would take
My shoulder with three fingers of yours and a smile in the air
And a smile in the air

I’m usually the guy no one cares about
But for a bargain of laughing at my face
With ugly compliments and a bunch of advice
I don’t care I keep on like they say even if no one cares
It is not made for them it’s only made for me
And in a silence of time I will give my wave back
I will give my wave back oh yeah…

Copenhagen, July 15th 2020.