Wine Times

Wine Times

I’m drinking much of wine
It’s all whispers and spines
Growing like a shadow
And some dreams are coming
In such a weird hollow

I’m drinking much of wine
All afternoons are mine
And I drink for nothing
But some epiphany
Or the end of diplomacy

You tell me it’s nothing I should complain about
I’m staring in the sun and the angels above
Cause for me any voice
The only I can hear
Is coming from behind

In this messy present
Current time of our own
We applaud to disasters of ours
And we wait for a crown
To reward the nonsense
That we built out of our bones
And our guts coming all on demand
I would quit if I can

And we do
And we do that a lot
Oh my friends
Yes we do
And we do that a lot
We do that all the time

I’m drinking and drinking
The wine is drinking me
Can you keep following
Can you keep the distance
In this fog of the mind
In this collapse of time

This is all afternoons
Summered like in a lake
A mirror facing the moon
It’s all but a headache
Loneliness for ever

We’re trapped drowned in the river
The guitar plays for nothing
But an alchemist bard
It’s like money in the wind

I’m a monkey can you swing
So I would never fall
For any whisper of dawn
Oh yeah
Would you please whisper
In this demanding flavor
Of the time passing by

Stepping at your window
Wanna see your bedroom
Picture it to the dawn with a swan in my steps
I wanna see you chasing like a bird of some doom
Some bubbles in the light
This is champagne and stars
Oh my shadow
Keep me high
And keep me in the flow

It’s disaster and wine
The dog’s barking and some cows on the hill
I’m leaving the bargain
For some cows on the hill
Oh yeah some whisky and wine
To be there never mind
To be there never mine…

Copenhagen, July 22nd 20.