Red Is The Colour

Red Is The Colour

Streaming on streaming down
Close to the wall
The sun is burning the floor

It’s kind of a new world
So fussy diluted
Red is beating I feel like a page
A blank urging to be fulfilled
Delusional on the magic rampage

Streaming on streaming down
Someone has to shout in the distance
Someone has to protest in this empty space

I dance in red in the wild
Lakes and oceans are fulfilling my mind
I am the red clown I can smile through my tears
I can pop anything and then it disappears
In a filthy flagrancy babe
In a huge gaping storm

I’m at the heart and the bottom of human memories
I can make everything so funny
You wouldn’t say I’m waiting
For some reddish asteroid
To crash me down

Red is the color of human history
The name of the battles are clicking suddenly
It’s flesh and blood that’s all it is
No victory can make the count
We always lose rather discounted

Paint me red with your beady nails
I will swallow your eyes in my last cup of tea
Paint me red with your beady smile
No pain no sorrow until the last dance and shine

It’s like a supernova
I am trapped in the whirlpool
Memory just collapsed it’s gonna be updated soon
The bubbles of champagne
Wine is red and warm like a bull
I spit it on the ground you can call me a fool
Cause life is red
It’s red like a childish balloon

And look at me dancing I’m dancing on the moon
It’s all red oh yeah
And this all red
Oh yeah