Tulip Lipstick !

Tulip Lipstick ! (let’s have some fun)

I would crawl down so many stairs
I would command a pair of wings
to put the right lipstick on your lips
to put it right with my fingers

it’s a tulip of love
in the fields of freedom
it’s a bucket of spines
in some forgotten kingdom

we can cross through the walls
when time is fighting back
I can paint a big mouth
with your lipstick on the wall
and make it twist to some unknown world
if I can just put some lipstick on your teeth

let me put some lipstick
let me this yellow kind that drives me blind
or this purple red
that makes me sick

make it dance
to the big earthquake
make it dance till those buildings shake
there is no mistake possible
when you take it on your own
and there’s no need to fall
when you run like a spider on the wall

there is no mistake
it’s a big earthquake
if it sounds so French
there is no mistake
let me put
let me put some lipstick
let me put it green or red or blue
I thrill when it’s orange
like a fire in a grange
I don’t have a clue of what’s come next
it’s a blank in the text
let me light a match in the straw
let me put some crazy yellow
let me put some lipstick on your lips…

Copenhagen, 19th of August 2020.