I Didn’t Spend this Day on Earth

I Didn’t Spend this Day on Earth

(rock song)

à É.

Oh yeah I was out of this day
out any boundary cancelled my agenda
cause all the present time was devoured
from A to Z by some sweet sorcery
(and no Alabama)

I didn’t spend this day on Earth
there’s an ocean of time from just the day before
I won’t feel wrath no more it seems
I wanna chill and stand for ever on this shore

cause last night was some crazy balloon crash in the sky
yellow black and blue red furnishing collapsing stars
and anytime I recall
any detail of this Chinese shadow theatre
any boom from the gong
it’s coming out with no alert
out of the blue in the desert
like some ancient epiphany

the sky is black and blue
but I can’t see the bombs and I can’t hear no plane
really not sure to understand
I’m on board in the tempest
and I can stand with my hands free

I didn’t spend it on this ground at all
gimme more gimme it because I can’t be sure
this measure is unknown
I can swear it’s for real out of the scale
you catapulted me just beyond any Big Sur
or any continent it’s a super big size for just one single man

sleepy I go
in some parallel world
I make a friend with the shadow
it is full of surprise I don’t really notice
it is pure and solid
like a morning premise
just before the breakfast
in the camp

just because you planted anarchy in my thoughts
some Britain in your veins with this pepper from South
a silent fury my mind I can’t swallow this sand
grows above any doubt
this feeling of your kind
can you tell what you ought
is nothing but being
alive and beyond all the shit you’ve been taught

oh good sister I do
like I feel it to be true
don’t be surprised
I can fly anytime maybe you understand

there’s no side and no horn
there is no underfloor
when you dry your wings
in the wind like a bird
you can look down
but the ground is an old memory
no second thought in my core
my pool in the basement
and all the corridors
have recently shut down
it’s a massive earth quake
it’s a strike in Heaven

and it’s not a crisis
it is me collapsing
a blank in the rhythm
of my own syncretism
the shoulder of Isis
is spreading brand new wings
make me swing
in the black of your hair which mesmerizes me

I feel wrapped I don’t care
I don’t really need to breath no air anymore
I’m a field all nourished
with some salt from the shore
I have to learn everything once more

there is no counterfeit
in this land you show me
I assure you now no defeat
is to be expected
in this slow courtesy
of the sky
in this new utter spelling of time

all the wolves are dead
and the demons speechless
how can I be so blessed I’ll never understand

Copenhagen, 30th of August 2020.