I’m a Poet in Nørrebro

I’m a Poet in Nørrebro

I’m a poet in Nørrebro
You wouldn’t think any time below the flow I go
I cross the O
And some hashtag you wouldn’t allow
On line
I’m a poet in Nørrebro this street is mine
It’s gonna be sweet breath and lime
I’m not eager but for the sublime
No word’s too big when you wanna define
This whirl

There’s a bridge over there
And I would bet you would follow
Me to the end of the day
Me to the end of night
Me to the sea
Beyond the lakes
This is a mind shake
There’s no watch
Unfold the planisphere
We gonna point together
Some vacancy
Cause I’m a poet in Nørrebro
And only there for a quarter

Look at those trousers of mine there’s no bottom
To my pockets you see
In this fancy city I feel like a hobo
There is none…
I’m just a digging in Nørrebro
A coffee to go makes my day
I make my way
With this daily woman talking to her dog
In this ever out coming storm
You know it’s always about to snow
And I’m ready
This way of me
Yeah I am ready for this freak show

I’m following what I think is right
Because I’m fine
I never swim above my depths
In all the streets wuthering heights
Into the streets like corridors
I’m exhausted but I want more
I can see the beauty at the end of the line
And anytime I feel high and so high like I grow
I’m only concerned with the sublime bro’
I don’t calculate ever
I swear I don’t and I never postpone
Any chance

All the trains are atone
You have to leave for what is true
Sometimes it’s me sometimes it’s you
Don’t ever make this mistake again
Time is giving only one hand
To those who dig a bit further
Time is giving only one time
You have to glide
In this river
You have to ride through the ice in the air

I don’t know what is the future
I may be dead for this adventure
Reach out to the shore
I may lose some pieces
Not so easy to keep and endure
All the dead ends and premises
The departure
Of many friends
But I keep on walking in this time of ours
And I keep on finding some sublime
In those present times

Oh yeah I keep on walking
Like a man on the moon or like a bird of doom
And I keep on finding
Some sublime
In this world
Of ours
I cross the line
I am a poet in Nørrebro
I cross the O
I am just a poet in Nørrebro

Copenhagen, 5th of September 2020.