A Tale for Now

A Tale for Now

I’m walking the ground made of grass
In the distance some chimney harasses clouds
Of unfortunate tales never told
I think we need to be astounded

You took two pictures of me
You sent them back for an autopsy
But I don’t read in guts of corpses
I’m just following the harmony

But in this shade of hopes
I can mesure all that we missed
And in this depravation of sleep
I find my own way to dig deeper

Into the coal black death of hopes
I made my way trying not to fall
Any season is quite the same
I feel empty who should I blame

Life is opening
Some broken arms to the man who drowns
And in this irony
I can still remember I was a man

Never believe in times which go
In all this mess and vertigos
I will unfold a manuscript
And let you know how far and deep
I can go

A child never knows what farewells mean
I’m standing on the bridge seeking for my time to sleep
Somes buses just say hello
How will I ever know
It’s time to go

Oh yeah this sweet so ancient melody
Is filling me with atony
I grab the grass and then I crawl
To the next room that would allow me
To be down
To be silent
To be crashed
To the end of times
Many men have died in wars we wouldn’t understand
I keep the barrel and let my mind change
To the next me

I’m gonna be a soldier and you will miss me
Oh I can feel disharmony
But I keep on and on and on
Believe me
Cause I’m truly this guy
I keep on walking
Oh yeah believe I will
There’s no disguise
Sharp bones and dry skin like me
You should have trusted me
You should have oh yeah…

Copenhagen, 15th of September 2020.