A Simple Man

A Simple Man

If I can get some booze and some album
I can make it run and run and run
I can make it run from dusk to dawn
I just can make it on my own

But of course you can talk to me
Think I’m a prince of courtesy
But you won’t get any answer
I’m stuck down with an antic anchor
I make it run untill the end
I play the dices and have some fun

I’m just a simple man
Can you get that I bet you do
I’m just a simple man
I’m full of love but I make it true

Friends and lovers sometimes are the same
They escape their bargain to put the blame on you
Coïncidence is major law
I make it roll and roll and go

Cause I’m a simple man
I finish my drink and I go down below
No times for hopes grown in a garden
Wanna live on the edge and no boredom

I’m just a simple man
I make my day
A bunch of joyWanna be here and then destroy
All the bull shit you take for love

Oh yeah I swear I am this guy
All scrutiny and no disguise
I make my day is that a crime
Dealing with time and memory on my side

I’m just a simple man
Can you get when it’s time it’s time
Turning the page and no way back
No time for rewriting history
No time to make it all sublime

Is it some loneliness
Is it some devil piercing the sky
I bet that cowardice
Can play the dice and also
Make it right

I’m just a simple man
I need a bed and some love
I’m just a simple man
I need to thrill untill dawn
Oh yeah