You play the ball behind the line
You hesitate to play it slide
But in your core you want it deep
You play the line to reach for more

You play it at the verticality
Coming from above you make it sharp
Cuting the line you fight against the atrocity
Of being flat a butterfly stuck on the sheet

Everyone is looking you can feel the balance
It’s like the whole world in the audience
Don’t let it go this fire burns
You make it turn to the next row

Ball of fire
You’re plugged on a wire
That makes you burn close to something you have to hire

I wanna feel sorry for you
Over the crowd you think you do
And you perform
Just like a worm
From some Kafka all deaf and blind
You make it sounds like everything is so sublime

Pick it up
From this bowl of random
They’re all the same now they’ve gone
All the reasons to make it right

There’s no need to stay
In this place overnight
You have to feel and make it right
You should go home put some Alley
In those memories of your own

You are the first man
And I’m not talking walking on the moon
You have to land
Cause existence is no cartoon
But it’s painfull oh yeah
It’s painfull like it has never been
You play the fool
The world is just disharmony
I’m full of it and I grow
I’m full of it you can meet me below
The last line where the sea
Comes to the shore
And you want more
Oh yeah you do
I write this song
For you…