There’s no Magic in this World

There’s no Magic in this World

Oh I was very close
Embracing the sun
More than Icarus’s done
But then it’s gone

There’s no magic in this world
There’s no poetry
All that mystery
Is just in my head

The door is close
There’s nothing left in that box
Sadness arose
And then anger and then intox

When you walk on a wire
Don’t look down
Don’t be afraid of your own desire
Or you fall
You have to trust the clouds
Invisible bridges
Paths made of loneliness crimes
Ultimate fringes
That lead to the heart

Oh I was so close
But what for finally
Are we trying to fly
There’s nowhere to go

Am I a fool to hear behind the curtain
The crepuscule is more than certain
Into unspoken words the voices of hope beauty or love
I believe it was a dream when I saw a dove
Am I confined in a room and I’m painting in my head
All the stories you told me
The sky is close
A dead window
And I don’t need the sun no more
I know it’s done
For ever gone
I don’t want to fly out my head
There’s no magic at all if you pass the door
In this world
All ever gone
In this world
All ever gone

17th of September 2020.