Top of the Street

Top of the Street

I sit on the edge
Waiting for it to go
Sit on the edge
For her to blow
Sitting at the window
I sit at the top of the street
You can go you go

And I don’t really care
Look at me sitting in the air
Look at me I can blow like the wind
Sit at the doors of human pain
Look at me I don’t care
I can fly
Just ask me

There’s just dust in the wind
You blink those glitters
Are only in your eyes

Leave a note on the night table
I can find my way home
In the street
I can fly
Maybe here maybe now
I can fly

Something rings
Calls in the distance
I walk and walk and on and on
Am I running
Close to the edge
Infinite in the street

This is dust
I can tell
Sit with me
My window seat is made for two
This is dust
I can tell
Sit with me please
My curbstone is waiting for you
Following the echoes
This is the sound of dust
This is the light when the night
Is giving birth
Stand with me in that night
Stay with me
We go well
Leave a note
We go well