Out of the List

Out of the List

There’s too much ego
Ego ego ego it’s like a broken mirror
In your answers in the way they react
There’s too much ego take it as a fact

Sitting besides the lake
We had an empty space
But we kept on
Ego ego ego is all
That drives our minds outta bed

It’s beyond what I say
No one is supposed to agree
Could be a fantasy
My broken heart out of me
You think it’s suspended
When I think it’s done
As soon ego takes its spread from your tongue

Oh you lonely cheeks
Just a place for a hug
Impossible to lead to your shoulders
Impossible to shine
Ego like a black crow
So proud on its branch

Oh ego
On my head I’m already gone
Ego is alone ego is ruling
Oh ego
Ego takes the place nothing is coming in
I left the place
Without a shadow of me
I leave no trace
I’m lighter than the wind
This is my symphony
And this where I begin to fade away

Whistle withsle
Never breath
I’m gonna take you on my leave
Whistle and never look back
I’m gonna take you in my sack
Too late too late too late again
Is it a coarse
I should bargain with
Ego ego ego
It put us out of the list