Sleeping On

Sleeping On (edited 😉 )

I was looking at a star
Saying to myself and maybe to it
I know that you exist

I was trapped it was a hole
No wonder about that I was swallowed
At the most

If you ask me I was there like I’d never been
That was all
Me myself stupid thing and the star

Should I say I’m sorry
Yeah for sure I should be
We climb words and then astonished
We cry for help all alone in the lonely space
When love is gone
End of the story
And the idea has flown away

I’m sorry
Sorry sorry I didn’t make it
But I can make it true
Sorry sorry I wanna be
Wanna be with you
Endless universe can you hear me through
This empty space
This light is being played far off in the distance
Is it you or me in this lonely grace
Is it you or me
I can see you shining
Is it you or me
I can see you shining…