You Should Never Align

You Should Never Align

Is that a mole or a station
I’m afraid my eyes are such in a confusion
I’m waiting for my train but they want me to buy
Searching for the railways but there’s no end to this distribution
Am I the only one to feel this submission
Is no good premises
For humankind

I miss the trains and I miss the stations
You should never align
You should never flatten your horizons

Did I miss the shipwreck
Neons and stupid smiles are robbing all the lights in the sky
I was outta land when they turned the map over
And when they broke the spine

Gimme some salt and pepper
This space is huge but we draw circles
Till the end of the line
Put some lime on your scratches
We’re like the birds we need branches
And this Earth needs us to bleed

You should never align
This vastness of your mind
Staring at the horizon
Save us from the blindness
I don’t want us to be swallowed
And I want to remember your name
A friend needs some attention
That keeps us all awake
That save us from annihilation