à Côme

Those are weird times

I let my soul ramble on and on and on

I left my gold buried in some spared garden

Probably in Heaven

I will follow those voices on and on

I will sleep when I’m tired of it all

And on and on

Is it Eschyles walking in my steps

And writing his notes counting about the rest

There’s no place

Why do you blame me

There’s no place for this true heart

To blossom without pouring some blood

On the window and on this sharp

Soul abandoned of yours

Animals are screaming while the forest burns

In these days of leaning

I should offer my bloody mind

To the sky

And you would make it burn

You would drink my blood with a smile on your teeth


Are you hiding

Behind the trees

I need your breath

In the shadow

I need your stream

To flow away from this two dimensions hollow


Would you break my bones

Because I feel

So alone

So make me sing


I need a ring

To make me feel

I’m dwelling well

With your hollow

With your hollow