The Deer

The Deer

Black crows aligning on the single wire in the sky
At ten feet from the ground on the open field white and blue in the night
And a lonely barn big holes in the roof let the snow fall inside
Stands in the window in the yellow moonlight

Footprints on the path which forces them to face
From the late afternoon that came so early in the day but yet is just a memory
Are already old and loneliness is walking endlessly
No visitors to remember from this ever gone day

Out of the field calmly steps a deer with big horns adorning the thin head
Full of patience when it stands looking around slowly
Reviewing the path with an obvious and palpable forgiveness
And forgetting it all as soon as it has been seen

Erasing the text of the day that were still a lining in the air
Emptying the space in its last and most hidden cranny
Finally lifts its head to the window in the leaning roof and after this brief look
It went out of the frame printing some last fast hooves in the snow

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