It’s No Fairy Tale

It’s No Fairy Tale

Sometimes your face crosses my mind
And I’m fifteen year old again I feel
Sometimes it’s a shade on your arm
Sometimes your hair blows in my head
All the bad thoughts are gone
And you know I’m using a lot
All the shadows and that deep coal
That stuck me glued is overdone

Oh please do it again
Stand in the air you are no fairy I can touch your skin with my one hand
I can deal with a fantasy if I reach you behind the veil in the end

Because I know it’s not a tale
No blurry word comes to stage with you when you dance
In the city of my mind
Oh you sweet little charm of my soul

I know the streets by heart I can start from anywhere and then we end in the same bed
Should we spend the night in there
There’s a piano in the room and we can play the pool
And then we better sit and read with you on my knees and my nose in your hair
Oh yeah we should take it for the night
I would pay the rent to the end of the world

There’s a cliff in the back you see from the window
Mystical tragical in the yellow moon
I can hear some bandoneon
And then the Thames leads to the dancing girl in her glass box
We can flee we can unstuck the clock
Oh you know my body is knotted
Oh you know my body is knotted
But you can make me sing
Oh yeah you can make me sing for ever