Oh yes I’m ruining the world

Every word I say is like a pickpocket crooked hand

If you raise the curtain

You will see how such indecency

Is in my mind

I don’t say I don’t believe in

I don’t say I’m not waiting for some light

Simply my world is inhabited by seeches

That gonna suck empty this immense parody

Oh yes I’m ruining the world

It’s either them or me

I have to be the first to claim for the bankrupt

Of this soulless aristocracy

Of our modern times

I don’t write I don’t paint

Don’t play any music I don’t play the game

You know my words are just some dices

I throw out of the horn

A delusional abondance

A mirage of cornucopia

A mirage of cornucopia

Do you understand

I’m like a straw man but I have no hand

In the wind

Of this vacancy

Let the crow scare me

Let this comedy

End again