A limitation date
An expiration time
Our debts are standing there
A yoghurt in the fridge

I search for a button
Blow them up one for all
A riot in the street
Is crossing my window
I hear sounds of fury
Drilling bones through my wall

Is it our current times
We can’t forget ourselves
We can’t discharge the fee
We owe to old ages

Are we so corrupted
Is our soul so flat
We’re seeing everything
Just before it collapses
In a gap of time
An unbuttoned black hole
With silent flames of angst
Different degrees of fear
Twirling in our mind
A screen you can’t shut down

The world is tomorrow
Always a bit postponed
Almost impossible
Nothing comes right in time
A flower on the edge
Is waiting for the wind
To crash down
On the asphalt
A walker passing by
Who doesn’t dare to stare
One’s one-eyed true last sight
Rivetted to the ground

There’s no reason to make
The slightest true effort
The meaning of our lives
Is told by fading books
Crawling in the distance
Crumbling in some fire
No one ever started
It’s a common attempt
To praise for nothingness
Like nothing has happened
There is no history
The dusty memory
Is like a begging child
Scared to death all the time
In the night since the lights
Track any true darkness
And appealing for breath
An unremovable knee
On our throat
From dusk to dawn
No morning any more
Will come through the window
With the song of a bird
We never heard before
So blind is Goliath
When he makes a shadow
Of our world