I Believe

I believe

I believe time is supposed to bring
Some correction to my mistakes
To fill the blank of my unspoken words
Some air in my brain and some heart warming thoughts
To weep with a gentle hand the dust I have made
On this path of my own

I need someone to believe it too
When you shout in the phone
I can’t hear no end to the space that grows
With no ending to the time we share
Lonely but not alone on this ground of ours

I believe there’s a story in between the lines
I believe God is a true believer
Open wide your ears you can hear them shine
Like those plenty children
Dancing around and singing
Some very old rhymes

I believe life is supposed to bring
Some forgotten memoir
Written back at the bottom of this tree
I believe there’s no way back
There’s no shelter but this smile
I saw once on your face
Satan it’s not your day
And I’ll keep on walking
On this shore you draw