Only One Single Life

Only One Single Life

Hello I’ve been living through the dark
Since I was 7 I guess
It was a comic book and the hero was betrayed
By his own generous mind and his lack
Of men’s mind understanding

And then it came to love
I was 9 in a barn that my father owned
And this girl I remember
Was coming from Sweden
We made a ring with a straw hair
I’m lying it was an iron hose clamp
From the elders workshop
No time for this story
And then 20 years
Were needed so I would think
Nothing is supposed to be read
In the way it was meant at first

I’ve read some books since then
I’ve written a bit always with an angry mind
I have been dancing
It’s just a friend of mine that taught me the swing
We had many parties
With a grip in the hurl
With some complexes
I never went through

The words I met on this path
According my exceptions
Fulfilled the blanks with some unhoped charm
But now I’m not sure anymore
I feel like all my trust has gone

We made some studies
And we took some drugs not the middle class way
But still we had conversations
In the 17th century sense of the term
Because we had so much literature in mind
Are we supposed to land
Or are we just trapped in a whirl of fantasy

I’ve been blamed and blamed and blamed a lot
And I have blamed myself so many people I loved
Tonight I am not alone but I am still
Visited by ghosts and people I should know better
What a life I guess
It’s so very common not to get any sense from the past
One single word still makes the call
Everything is hanging on a breath of the flow
But no images would get
What I am still
And everything I know is
We have no time and plenty things
To enjoy to cheer up and to pray for
Without the skill to do it