Simple As That

Simple As That

I got it clear when I danced
Meantime had no defense
You could drink in my eyes
All the reasons why
I would die

The little pig is saying
With its pinky nose
I had no defense
When I danced
Until the hunter rose

From a dark little space
I was knitting my heart
All of them would love me
With their teeth of gold
I was clearly lonely
When I danced
On my broken bones
Oh oh
When I danced
A long time ago

I had a problem
With lights
I could follow the line
Like a human scarecrow

All the pleasure I got
How angry I felt
It was a dream
With no end
That’s a pity my love

And I was dancing again
Like a moon glove
Rummaging my pockets
I had no defense
When I was dancing
When I was dancing
To reach the end of my soul