Red Sex and Wine

Red Sex and Wine

I feel some sympathy in the air
I feel some sympathy in between you and me
Tonight it’s 9.30
And we should close the door
No more ringing nothing coming from outside
No more learning how we might have fallen
Nothing missing and no more thoughts from outside
Our glasses never empty and we talk through the night
Our hearts beating it slowly burns inside

Red wine and sex
Like an opera overture
Red sex and wine
Your desire is mine

It starts from a corner of the room
A skirt slowly fallen we have no memory
The clock no more ticking is silent as a cat
Our lips are merging in the flavour of wine
I can feel you’re swimming under my skin
And we have no memory of the opening
There is no protocol there is no plan there is no shame
There is no expectation but to share
This bottle of wine until the morning comes

Red wine and sex
Like in the ancient times
Red sex and wine
Your desire is mine

There is no end to the slippery words from our mouths
Into our chest there’s only one heart beating like a drum
We have no name our hands stretching
And there’s no limit to this sky
It’s sweat and love and it’s sublime
My furious love we are committing sex and wine

I think it’s time to make the rhymes collapse
There’s no movement and still it goes so fast
Red wine and love until dawn catches us

There is a lantern calling in the tunnel
There is no providence for lovers
There is no mercy when they give all they have
No compromise no promise it’s sex and wine

I reached the bottom of your soul
And you’ve reached mine
No compromise cause our bodies never lie

Red wine and sex
Like in the ancient times and nothing coming next
Red sex and wine
All the moments we shared are made as one

July 6th 20222

illustration : William Blake, The Great Red Dragoon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun, 1805-1810.