I’m Travelling In No Space

Written sometime back, last month, an archive so it is already !

I’m travelling in no space

My memories so real I could touch them
But what are you made of dear
Is it a smoke or a spine
I can feel in my chest

Running and running alone
At the same place
Is it a doomed pitiful life
Is it a fate I was cursed with
Don’t know if I’m running to hell
Or to some promised paradise
Reflecting in a broken rear mirror

Friends are coming with bracing hands
And they allow me to speak
And I can speak those words
I’m quoting from another life
That never meant to be

Lovers do this with charming gestures
Lovers can’t apply to your rules
But still in my mind
It’s a master piece of classical art

I’m travelling in no space
A guitar in my back
Can you string a chord
I won’t complain I won’t have
Any reason to whine

If a word is meaningful
I will seat down and spell
If a kiss is meaningless
I will surely have some rest

Oh yes I’m travelling
In no space you can draw on the map
Circumstances leave me no time
To think why I should take a dime
When the heart is not beating out loud

No end no end my feelings
No end no end I could hold on to
It’s just a travelling
With no space and time

illustration : William Blake, The Body of Abel Found by Adam and Eve, 1826 (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Blake-Abel.jpg)