You’re trapped in one single period of time

You’re trapped in one single period of time and, at any moment, in one single place ; but, still, you can imagine rather precisely what happened long before this moment you’re always trapped in, and what’s coming next in a very long future starting from this same single moment, you can also imagine precisely enough any other place  than this one you can never escape from, at any moment : this is a good summary of the human condition.

My thoughts reached to that point in a playground at the end of the first day I spent in Tel Aviv, walking through the city, in the very good company of Sacha, a guy from Chile, traveling for almost ten years in the area, seven, so to speak Central Europe and Middle East — anywhere but Chile actually ; and « Voïtchka », the Czeck student in architecture (the Archiczeck ?).

14 février 2017, Tel Aviv

© Sébastien Pellé