This is a song

Because I’m a black stone (you know)
Shining in the dark
So silently waiting
For a slide up or down or anywhere
Else where there are some spaces left
Waiting for the night shining on me

I’m a black stone
Everybody would agree
It’s a pretty common comedy (and I should have told you at first)
Sometimes I fear they gonna laugh
Giving a kick with their big shoes
That are made of black coal metal
And make my shell
Cause I’m also like an egg
Cracking appart in a plenty pieces of me

But among them
I will not collect all of mysef at once
Only pieces and not glancing drops of my tears

But they pass by
And I’m shining so silently
I’m a black stone an old story
And nobody can hear of me when everybody does certainly

I’m a friend with all forgotten dogs
Just like Bowie
Afraid of no analogy
I’m here and there
Shining alone
Maybe deeply

Hopefully sure or
Maybe not

Pellé, Copenhagen, 17th of April 18.

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