Summer Part Two

Summer Part Two

I’m waiting for Summer Part Two
When people gloom in the street I can’t feel no defeat
I’m waiting for this moment to come
When any sorrow and fear is deadly overdone

No announcement it will be
Suddenly unprepared
It will be like a green new season
It will be like an orange
And the sun playing with a warmness renewed
Just people in the streets I’m dancing on the moon

Outcast the shadow
Outcast the rain
Life is just like a hollow
You can feel the pain

I’m waiting for summer Part Two
I’m gonna play my role like a bullet of gold
Any debt overcome and I can hold your hand
I can grab your shoulder and I can smell your hair in the sun

Don’t undermine me those thoughts are not yours
You’ve been taught too much and too well
How to spoil any joy
How to spell the future
With your scarlet letters
Let it be the flowers
Leaking down to the river
Let it be no winter
Inking down to the sea

I’m waiting for you to join old friend
When you’ll be back there will be no end
To discussions and drinks
Discussions and breathing the wind
There won’t be no shadow
There won’t be no doubt
The sun is much too intense my friend
In this manner it has to die

I’m waiting for Summer Part Two
Could be her maybe her maybe you
Till the end
Oh my sweet
Lovely heart
Till the end
And no shadow…