Folk Song About Time With No Love

Folk Song About Time With No Love

It’s like the time is passing by from one to four almost every afternoon
In a thick and slow stream of glue
I wonder if there is a clue
To open this door of emptiness and move in a slide to the unknown face of the moon
To burst the goddam balloon and look at the breath
It will come before you dress back to this life of yours

I’m only ups and downs but here we’re down for it
To the bottom of it won’t you quit before
It’s time to go and wait for more

I want it wrapped like a cake in a letter of love
I want it clean and dirty at the same time
I want it coming from you
With me saying nothing
With me trapped in your dancing mood shadow of dove

It’s like I’m always afraid you know
It would stop before the beginning
I have met love so many times
I think it’s still the best way not to jump in the darkness of times

I need your breath I need you sweat
In the branches of time
I need you to forget
We’ve just mistaken the start
And we’ve been taking a strip
That would lead to nonsense
In the back of our minds
The corridor of time
The corridor of love
Dead issues oh my guilty pleasure
Time is not made for people
It’s measured for luxury

Help me be
Right in time
Help me please figure out
How not being late
Help me yes I will
Give my best to be here
To your feet
At the bottom of us
Oh yeah…

Copenhagen, July 20th 20.