out of my life

Please, Out of My Life

Cause I’m asking very gently
Could you please get the hell out my life
Slowly slowly you almost destroyed me
Could you please shut the door while leaving
I’m just asking very gently
Could you forget that you know me
I’d be delightful not to see you again
I would be so grateful not to see you at all

Not to hear of you you not hearing of me
Just like an eternal non existence
Could you please stop with this permanent insistence
Would you please stop calling and writing
And by the way like they say
Please stop loving me

I dig a hole with me inside
To put the past out of the shore
But I know how to climb and how to escape
Cut it all with your pitiful demonstrations
Love is nothing but a bargain with you all
Just a manner to deal with your own misery
I’m still alive and I need more
Please just clean the landscape
Oh yeah please clear the shore
I am here to escape
Oh yeah

Cause I’m asking very gently
For you to move to another dimension
If you’re still on the earth I can’t feel no redemption
If you’re still on the earth you make it a prison and you make it stinky
For my soul and my heart for all that lives in me and shouts for liberty
Oh please I’m just trying not knowing you exist
Would you please shut your mouth
Just accept that we break apart
Like they say definitely

It’s no me it’s just you and I don’t wanna see you
Wanna hear wanna know
Anything that hints to you all

When you people talk it’s all in my head
Till the end of the world
You sleep and you go on still nothing for me is ever overdone
And it won’t stop until the end

What you don’t know is the words being gold
Signifying nothing and burning like hell
And written with fire in my mind till the end
Please remove the pictures and bring them all with you
Please don’t make any sound I’m definitely not around anymore
This is the story of the last rope
I think this blade is sharp enough
Oh would you please shut your mouth
Would you please shut the door
That would be
So gentle
From you all
Oh yeah
Let me go
Stay away
Let me go
Stay away
Oh yeah…

Copenhagen, July 20th 20.