Mother’s Still In The Room

Mother’s Still In The Room

I want it greed I want it dark
I tell you what I’m a monarch
And I would desert the kingdom
If you’d ask me for
A brand new seldom memory from the past

I want we bleed I want we shout
I want you read
Back in my mind
And I would draw flowers in yours
Flowers and stones
For all your lonely afternoons
I will blend you with a spoon
In my black coffee
With some whisky
To adjust

Slowly desperation is never good for us
It stacks us back and wait for someone to trust
I’ll be digging the straw path
And say farewell from the coast
To all the lonely children
I’ll remember them all

I won’t ask for no approval
I don’t give a glimpse to reward
And I would pay no more attention to the disaster around
I’m all yours if you can
I’m all yours if you can
Hold on with this imposture of me
With this nonsense I’m dancing with

You can give it a dime or you can play some more
Mother here is still smiling
I will love you to the coffin
It’s like I was there when you were born
You call me in the night and in the desert within
It’s like I can almost hear the stamp of a horn

I want it plain our souls like rabbits
Playing in the fields of the time you gave us
Asking for judgment but don’t give it a dime
I would love you for the first time
And rabbits and flowers and stones
I would do that again

I will love you to the coffin
It takes as long as a coughing
If you have top the roof I would demand no proof
I would love you still
Till the end of
Anything you can name
Anything you can call for
Anything you can name…

Copenhagen, July 22nd 20.