Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster

I should be green
No moleskin
Ever compares
To this snake leather skirt of yours
No pleasure is guilty
In my green outfit
I should be green and walk around
On razor blades
And draw this smile with my own hand
Digging this hole with my own spade

Oh the green eyed monster is laughing
Luring decay above his shoulder
All those memories are just now
Skin flaps at the end of my fingers
Sleepy bugs in a cup of liquor
Dead soon corpses floating down the river

And the moon is flat
And the world is a museum
And the moon is dark
And life is impermeable like linoleum
And some regret also
Out of the barrel of a gun

All the mirrors are made of stone
If you think you can make it through
Alice don’t go the rabbit hole is full with those pictures of you
All the mirrors are made of stone
You just can run against your own disaster
Wait in this room for your personal encounter
Wait in this room and take a seat
To meet your own counterfeit
It’s only ten in the morning

No beauty can live behind a window
It takes a lot to know that
You must scratch your hands
To dig a hole in the ugliness
Finding your way in some sleepy hollow
It takes a lot to learn how to breath
To paint the right point red on your chest

And you can’t stop looking at you
With lemon smile and the demon making it true
If you follow your own shadow
You’ll split in two
I should be green and I should follow you
Black ribbons over my green eyes
Black ribbons and I’m so blind…

Copenhagen, 19th of August 2020.