I Quit

I quit

I quit
I quit for ever
Whatever you could say is a Watergate to me
I quit for real
I measure the distance
I quit for real cause I don’t want to be blurred anymore
I’ll stop dropping my fishing crock from the shore
The wind drilled my ears to vertigo
You mean some words are supposed to be said so
I mean the light is too much as a glare to be seen through
And we don’t get it
We just cry
And we are so sad

But have you ever seen the last game of a poker row
Have you ever felt being trapped in the shadow
Victory is dust and just saying no
Is a mistake

So I don’t know
I feel like I’m a dead rope
So I don’t know
I just feel I could sleep for eternal row
But I can’t
So I just feel like I’m waiting for there is no end

The most important thing
Is you don’t care
The most important thing
Is that I should be missing
The movie end
I don’t know what to say I am stuck with some glue
Can you picture yourself a small bird with a true opinion of itself
It will tell you it can’t fly if the shore is too safe

Because I can’t
And I’m lonely in the river
Because I can’t
And I’m lonely in the flame

Sometimes your plate is one bit on the edge
You try to make a fool of yourself
But you can’t even reach that
When it’s time to go home
And to say I am sorry
It was not only you but all apology

And you can’t
Because you’re doomed
For a single word you’re doomed…
Oh yeah for a single word…

Copenhagen, 19th of August 2020.