Vertigo (I know)

Vertigo (I know)

I am out of depth
I’ve been too long walking that road
What a miserable pilgrim I picture among you all
I can shoot at the sun but I can’t climb a damned staircase
I can’t cross through a goddam mole
Even if I can spare some time

I would beg on my knees
Just to escape this joke of me
I would cross the Middle East with no irony bare foot
If you can come with me as a friend of loosing ends
An ultimate thrill for the parody
Of ourselves

I’m 44 it’s a mess
I’m 44 it’s a disaster
It’s a miracle too sometime they envy you
Jesus was more efficient at minus 11 years of fame
I’m 44 it’s done I’m the one to blame
Cause tonight I’m waiting for the flames
To come

I would swim the Chanel
Oh yeah back and forth
If some beacon would show me the way to freedom
I would swim any sea
If you can send a card telling you wait for me

I’m out of depth
I can swim under water but I’m out of of breath
When it’s night
I can’t just carry on
When it’s dark I usually feel alone
And I’m speechless
When it comes to dawn
Let the words mean something
In the morning space
I can get some breath
But it’s time…
To clean that mess around

I mean I’m 44 you should shut your door
When the last enemy is your sleeping core
I mean I’m no surgery
I can leave the dance floor

If you say I’m mean I can ask for redeem
Some extension of life I could get my shit together
But it all starts
In a whole fury of sounds

People are starving for some attention
And in the whole party I wouldn’t say a word to calm them down
I just can say hello from my balcony
I could wave to them some wishes for eternity
I mean I tell the people nothing but harmony
Is supposed to take its place
When the world is a such mess

Music is for ever my last escape
I mean it’s strawberries and some bunches of grapes
I’m working so hard you can mock me for that
It’s all inhibition and a pinch of ambition
It’s a whirlpool of irony

But I’m late
And the trains are gone
But I’m late
And the trains are gone

Copenhagen, 19th of August 2020.