The Rose Tree

The Rose Tree

(rock song)

I feel like a thousand years of occidental philosophy
would crash at my feet and I’d smile
I feel like I could break into pieces of glass
and barefoot on fire I could defy this critic mass
I feel like tons of remorse would fall like snow around me
with me not even feeling the lightest touch any bite
would break their teeth of ice
cause I wear your scarf all is in harmony

I’m flat dry hermetic and misery at all
is standing in the distance beyond some forgotten dawn
you can’t reach the last wall in this desert of speech
you’re really out of reach
when the last single word is falling endlessly
in the well of a brand young eternity

I feel suddenly so light there’s a moon in my chest burning
and so my weight grows so high
I could crawl to the ground a moment after that
it’s like a dream and a disaster
at the same time it sublimes all I care about

but the world in sorrow is still there
can you please carry on with me
there’s an old rose tree climbing sharp on the wall
it’ climbing hard and also a bit angry
can you please sing this song for ever with me
and ever and ever
and ever again

can you say this is a beginning
can you say the shadows are all gone for real
can you see the old rose tree in the sun arose
climbing growing defying the hollow vacancy
it’s like you already bleed when you put forth your hand
to grab it
it’s like walking a bridge in the shadow
it’s stepping on faith the emptiness above
it’s like to fly
to grab a scarlet blossom of love

but the world in sorrow is still there
there’s a baby lizard sleeping in the sun
and time is nothing to be blame
when you run in this garden
I can see you in this nighty ocean of your hair
I can feel no limits and there is no end
to this stream…

Copenhagen, 30th of August 20.