Those Filthy Roots

Those Filthy Roots

Those filthy roots
Pull me back down
I’m on a roof
Looking downward
For my escape
I’m the captain of a balloon
Beyond the past
Because time
In this life
Is a rope
You must throw away

So many voices
So many talks
Come through the fog
Harassing me
I’m in the sky
No scrutiny
I’m only shooting blindly
On the last opportunity

And don’t tell me I’m mean
Cause I’ve given my best
To understand

Those filthy roots
Boundaries and chains
Restraining shoulders
Keep me in vain
To where I was
But it’s too late
I keep and flow
Into the rain

So many eyes
Full of reproach
I’ve paid the dime
You are so coarse
What do I owe you
I still wonder
When will this debt
Be settled

And don’t tell me I’m wrong cause you don’t understand
Don’t pretend to love me
When you’re just lost in some fantasy
Of your own

Those times are done
For ever gone
So many times you don’t listen
You wanna hear what’s in your head
And you just take my words
To find a new way
To blame me
But I am done
For ever gone

Those filthy roots
This maniac acrimony
Is just a way to say
That you can’t understand

Those filthy roots
I feel my blood
Beats in my ears
It’s a burden
You’ll never end

Those filthy roots
Come to my mind
And I think I need a reboot before I dive

But some people say never it’s written with fire in the marble of time
Some people they just know what they want what they owe to themselves
And there’s nothing left to say
I gave you my best

But life’s in motion
Can’t you all see it’s gone
With those filthy shadows
Growing all over you
That you’re just trapped
In some mistake
That you’re just wrapped
An optical illusion
In some filthy confusion
Of your feelings

I have no weight
I surf the wind
For me every single day is like an unknown continent
Look at my soles
They’re made of clouds

On this land I can see new friends who come along
So if you try and keep me down
You need a gun
But I’m afraid I’m bulletproof
So be precise
I stay at large
And I can swim
And if you don’t think XXL
Stay in the margin

Those filthy roots
This filthy me
Those filthy roots
This filthy me…

Copenhagen, 6th of September 2020