I Feel The Crowd Growing Again

I Feel The Crowd Growing Again

I stand alive
At the border of freedom
I pass the bridge
I swear nothing has more seldom
Happened to me

Welcoming me
I feel the sun along the road
I will undress close to the sea
And let my lungs full extension
Until I cannot see the shore

Now that we’re down
I feel the crowd growing again
Around me

I pass the guard
He makes a smile
I might look like I’m listening
To some vinyl
Back in the days

Cause you don’t talk to me like that
You don’t make my words sound like a blur
Oh no nobody is so harsh
When you’re supposed to ride with spurs

Oh no you can’t make me a fool
I’m not a baby in the pool
When I was trying to explain
Struggling with phrases so I just
Can understand

And now that we’re down
I feel the crowd growing again
Around me

I see people smiling at me
I’m talking to all the children
And I’m believing in Heaven
Brothers and sisters wait for me

I remember
All the painters
They say you had to be crazy to cut one’s ear
I see the sky bending a bit
To take my heart
A bit further
Full of colours
Into my life or into some
Other story

Copenhagen, 10th of September 2020.

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