I’m Sorry I Have to Dream

I’m Sorry I Have to Dream

I’m very sorry I have to dream
It’s driving me to mistakes
I’m ashamed of
To shout out bound to the stake
But I don’t care

I’m not sorry I need the glitters
Full around on the floor of the chamber
Shoot me right to the heart
I’ll make no complain at the encounter

They don’t get it’s about an adventure
They don’t get it’s about touching the sky
And whatever

I’m sorry I’m shot with sublime
I love my strawberries with a liquor of lime
I’m sorry you can’t understand
I’m sorry I can’t explain
Life is nothing for me but a film
A projection of my dream

I’m sorry I don’t care about
Any psychological issue
Coming from some doctor you say
Is good for you

I’m dreaming that’s enough I thought
To make our world working on
But they don’t care cause they have rights
A permission to keep the balance
In medium degrees of life

I’m sorry I don’t care
About any rights
I’m not the diplomatic type
I wanna dream and then be right
To the heart
Of passion

I am sorry I’m a dreamer
I wanna live in full color
Can you put on the stereo
Before I leave
I have to go

It’s just a matter of time
It’s just a matter of stream
It’s only dry perspiration
I feel my skin is burning
Like some parchment from Gods
Burning me down…
To the bottom of love…

Copenhagen, 12th of September 2020.