There’s Only Love to Break the Rules

There’s Only Love to Break the Rules

In this landscape so flat zero’s the new horizon
It’s no win-win to walk this Earth
In this existence programmed from your birth to combustion
I’m afraid you’re walking the ground with some kind of a permission
Is there a single one
Is there a single being
To care about

I’m looking for a girl to make a whirl in her arms
I’m seeking for someone to make a mess in my life
To fight with me through the night for just a definition
I want to live a life with no submission
To this bourgeois boredom
The only place for love is a land of freedom
Oh yeah I wanna be astounded
When you twirl in the room
When you talk and you walk
Like a fist in my chest

I’m really eager to feel I’m not the only one
To wait for something bigger
Something you don’t understand but you can feel in your hand
A moisture

There’s only love to break the rules
There’s only love to break your space and time
To sabotage the engine of your fears
You can never postpone
a start
Love is a race when there is no end
Love is burning the clock
There’s only love to save your soul
To ruin money and plans your secure processing
Love is under the latitude
Of freedom

I don’t mean no couple no of course
I have no time to postpone for that shit horse
What I can see is only rational enterprises
Safety obsessions and egotistical inhibitions
Like in a zombie doomed nation
I mean a friend and I mean love
Like a defeat for death like there’s no equinox

Is anyone still capable to break into pieces
Is anyone to be speechless
Is anyone to be out of breath
Cause life is not a fitness session
Because the call has been delayed
Because the phone won’t ring tonight
And no escape to this empty trap
I wanna burn for a detail on the map

But I can’t see anyone that doesn’t look like a ghost to me
Like a little big boss of it’s own company
Am I the only one that pays no attention to himself
I have no time for this self sympathy
Should I call me a Saint being blind to everything
But this

I wanna go another planet
I wanna grow salads on Mars
I wanna walk another ground
I wanna feel the desire
I wanna feel the pain
I wanna feel you like a bomb in my brain
I wanna meet people alive
Who can play with words like they’re balls of fire

There’s only love to break the rules
There’s only love to break your space and time
To ruin money and all the process
That keeps you dead
Oh yeah
That keeps you dead…

Copenhagen, 12th of September 2020.