Some Other Birds

Some Other Birds

Some birds they sing right through your head
Nobody else can hear them sing
It’s like a concert no one’s heard
Under the sea under the dream
It’s like a Pompeii rehearsal
All in your head

Some birds are black on their branches
Some others white in the sun beam
I’m like a bird dry my feathers
With an invisible wire
I’m drying in the wind
And this is so cold
And for ever

Some birds are red in the wood shed
They needled just top of the door
Be careful and no impatience
When you will cross it’s like a fence
Between two worlds
Don’t let them down
Don’t smash them dead

Some birds are fond of the window
They think the sky they can swallow
Beyond borders and any frame
They pierce the screen
And blow your head

Some other birds are dramatic
You can see them in the attic
They’re very proud they never speak
When some human
Are there around them
I love them most

Be one of them inspire me
You’re my so sweet cruel melody
I give you birth through those poor words
Please fly and shine
Out of my brain
And no mercy

Copenhagen, 13th of September 2020.