I Like their Joy

I Like their Joy

I like their joy
I like the joy of them
I don’t know them but I like their joy
It’s not mine and that’s why
I like it so much

Could you please stop thinking of yours
Those stories outspreading from your core
Could please sit to the river with me
I know some ducks who need
A bit of your sympathy

Everyone trapped in self achievement
Everyone collapsed under tons of self improvement
You desire yourself
You just desire some death
For your own

I really need to meet someone who doesn’t compete
I wanna meet an ego that nothing can defeat
Coming out of the blue to land on the planet of apes
Cause it’s beyond the scale and no more for conquest

But I’m dreaming
Oh yeah I’m lost in my own fantasy
I’m slowy sliding
From the recommended route to the unknown country
Of the angels
Of the angels

Everyone is trapped in an ego cell
Everyone is drowning in their own reflection
Your ego introduces you to hell
Can’t you see the pavement is only
Your self reflection
Pieces of you
Spread outta space
In your ego
Like a milky way

I like the joy of them
Cause they don’t even know why they laugh for nothing
I love their joy
Cause they sing in the street just like the paperboy
Oh yeah I like their joy a lot even more than me
Could you write this
Could you write this please
Oh yeah

Copenhagen, 14th of September 2020.