You Were So Cold

You Were So Cold

You were just cold as times
Like a two dimensions picture frame
When it should have been a bubble or a sphere
On an ancient painting you can see the canvas
But you were cold as grief dry like Arizona
We could see the bones in the words you speak
And even more in the ones you don’t

There’s no option
We’re just images
And frustration
Stuck on the board and ready to leave
For the next row
Promises frozen in the empty sky
I would like a dozen
Of this fake desire

The store is close and stories are told
I feel even more empty than I used before
There’s no option
I feel so free you won’t knock at my door

Times are cold
Words are bones
Just images and frustration
On the black board
You were so cold
You were frozen like hell

There’s no meat around those modern emotions
Proud is proud is proud is nothing more than illusions
Coming from the dark
Just be yourself they say
But don’t knock at my door

There’s no option and no delay
The curtains drawn on a futur uncalled
Just a black strike
And no sound
Coming down from a silent storm
Back in our minds

Oh yeah
You’re just so cold
So cold
Oh yeah
You’re so so cold
Cold as nude
Stone cold as a winter grave
You are so
Oh yeah
You’re so cold
Anytime I remind you
Cold as stone
Oh yeah

Copenhagen, 15th of September 2020.