Are You Blind or Cruel

Are You Blind or Cruel

It’s 2020 and you text me
Am I lucky or unlucky
It’s been a while but you don’t care
Cause you miss me
Enough for you with courtesy
But the clock just said you’re wrong
There’s no second chances for second premises

It’s always the same story
It’s only pain that brings us down
It’s always the same series
It’s either pride and ice or the heater and tears
We are not made for love
We are just ever postponing machines

What should I do with it
Do you expect me to answer
Do you expect me to shiver
Do you expect me to thrill
To drow me down under the sink
To smoke my brain untill I see you in my nightmares
But I will have no fever I swear
I know the game
And I’m tired of being ill
This boose is defenitely to clear for me
I will avoid any contact with bourgeoisie
You drove me angry you drove me mad
I could be worst than the Marquis
I feel divine I am so sad…

What do you think about the third party
Am I supposed to be waiting
In the next room
Am I the one reading above your shoulder
When you text me
And I was eating my fingers smelling your hair in fantasy
Would you save me a corridor
Where I can wait you open the door
Should I listen my ear through the walls
Like an Indian waiting for the cavalry to come
Should I draw the curtains so the sun will enter and make us ashamed
Of what we are
Should I wait would you say
You give a chance to the story you spitted on
For months and days and so many seconds

Are you just blind or are you cruel
I think I’m trying no more to understand
I don’t believe in a cold meal
No story begins by its end
I know stories are all about the curtain
And sheets and bed and how after night we can stand
It’s breakfast time you know that makes us right
This is why it’s so sad you know
This is why it is so damn right…

Should I stand there in this movie of yours
Should I tune my melancholy
With your unpassionated acrymony
Is it all you can do
Don’t you have more to offer
When do you surrender for real
I think this is never
Oh and this is my answer
All is my fault I know for sure
All is my fault I can endure
Oh yeah…